About Flancia

In a way this as just another blog of the billion or so around the internet, this one also very likely to be abandoned or to disappear without a trace. Save, that is, for whatever trace it leaves in archive.org. It’s also open source; I intend to publish it on gitlab. I’m not sure what other people could do with it; feel free to try things. I guess you could be a part of Flancia too?

About me: I have no credentials. I am a curious person, but not particularly good at going deep in most subjects. I think I may like writing. I am content with being an eternal amateur forever — and I’ve lived my life this way for several decades now with relatively high levels of happiness. I very likely won’t ever make a living by writing, so my writing will remain amateurish by definition. Although it gets a bad rap sometimes, amateur basically means “lover of something”. Sure, groan a bit for the use of etymology, but that sounds like a good thing to me!

The following are some topics that interest me — they link to tags in posts:

A nice flan