As of [[2022-03-26]]:

  • An Agora exists. It is https://anagora.org.
  • Flancia Collective exists. It is in the Agora.
  • I try to write [[Wikilinks Everywhere]], even in platforms that don’t yet support wikilink resolution. Please assume that all links point to https://anagora.org; they can be looked up there, or you can automatically resolve them using extensions.

I am back here after a long hiatus. 2020 happened, I was very busy at [[work]] working on [[Covid]] response and then on reliability projects. On my free time I built an Agora: some coding, some writing, lots of meeting interesting people. And, of course, I lived — we lived :) Happily, I have to say. I am thankful.

All posts on flancia.org are also automatically published on anagora.org/@flancia as of the time of writing. I also write to the Agora from my digital garden as anagora.org/@flancian.


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