L. has a university schoolmate/fellow student that beatboxes as if it is equivalent to whistling. He’ll beatbox down the hall, or in public spaces.

I think this would probably make a pretty decent Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld episode. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with it — I mean, well, it is a bit disruptive and distracting, but it’s only more so than whistling by convention, so I think I see how someone could end up thinking it’s borderline OK to do it in public like this. But it is borderline, so it’s in a somewhat interesting space to discuss or consider.

I Googled “is beatboxing in public acceptable” and Google didn’t return a good hit. Perhaps it’s even weirder than I think it is, and people that beatbox in public don’t come up very often in the wider world. Or perhaps everybody is beatboxing all the time, and it’s so common I shouldn’t find it weird, but I’m unaware of it altogether because of not being that young anymore — so people don’t do it around me.


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