I had an idea about a sort of lazy undertaking. For now, I call it White Kallax.

A 5x5 Kallax from Ikea

Kallax is the successor to the popular Ikea Expedit. It’s a bookshelf that is amenable to becoming a filing system; you get a bunch of cubes you can fill in. I like to think of it as a matrix: the bottom left corner cube is a0, the one to the right of it b0, the one on top of that b1. Or it could be the plain matrix notation for m x n matrixes, although that has the disadvantage that extending the Kallax to the top (by stacking) would yield a coordinate change or negative numbers.

I like that a 5x5 one is 169 on Ikea. It doesn’t break the bank, as long as you’re privileged enough to be able to buy stuff at Ikea in the first place.

We’ve just moved to a new place and bought a 5x5 Kallax and I plan to try to keep it representative. Of what we like; of what we want to be. As we add to it, and edit, I want to take pictures of it. Right now it’s a 5x5 one, and it’s only about half unpacked; not all our books, not all the stuff we like is on it. But it’s getting there.

We like books, so we’ll try to fill it with our favourite books: the most beautiful to us, the most interesting. Many that we’ve always been curious about but haven’t had the time to read1.

Books don’t break the bank, either. Hopefully other stuff I will put in there will be the same way. I like having nice things, but I want everybody to be able to have the same standard of living that I enjoy. It would only be fair, as a Flancian[^books].

I’ll try to keep the Kallax it nice and tidy; honest. Not have too much fluff in it. To the best of my ability and no further away, of course. I accept suggestions.

  1. Of these all, I wonder how many I will actually read before I die. All things make us face our mortality; books do so more than many. 


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