So, yeah, I want to have that [Agora]. Flancia should have it, you know. It’s a fictional place, like I said; this is a work of fiction. You got it? This is all hypothetical.

So MediaWiki could definitely be a serviceable Agora, right? People know how to use it. It’s easy to set up; you can do a lot with “just a Wiki” because it’s a framework, not only code but also conventions. A lot of things can be modeled with a Wiki. And it’s so easy to set up — I’m a geek. “In the old days, I could have set up a LAMP stack and a Wiki on top of it in 1h” is something that a less concerned with cringeness version of me could have uttered. I’m rusty but it shouldn’t take long. And then what, you might say. Then you have an empty wiki that nobody uses.

Exactly! That’s the beauty of it. It’s there, it exists — there is an Agora. People could use it — they might not. But they could. So I posit that it exists as a place, here in the internet, where so much of our lives happen nowadays. We do spend time in other social networks — a lot of people do, anyway. People could choose to spend their time in this other social network. Do you really need 2h of Facebook and Instagram in your lives?

Can’t you do with 1h45m, really? You can’t think about other stuff, the things that interest you, start a new hobby of sorts? Spend 15m here. You don’t even have to post anything. Just think.

You are an entity that exists and is aware. You can think of anything, any time. You can decide to do stuff, just stuff in this place, whatever you want. The internet is this amazing place; never existed before. Our society will continue to be shaped by it; it must be; it is clearly powerful.

And we could do anything with it, if we put enough time on it.

What should we do next?

Next up: ?.