TODO for tomorrow:

  • Study Machine Learning for four hours — it’s quite a bit but I need it to attend a workshop next week.
  • Put one Pomodoro of work into a short story idea I came up with today.

It’s hard to write — I’ve been meaning to write here for close to ten days but I never seem to get round to it. I travelled, I then had lots of work, I felt tired. Of course these are excuses to a point, but I hold no grudges against me I guess; it’s just kind of hard. Although I do find the time to brush my teeth and take showers, so perhaps I should find the time to write for just five minutes or so a day. It’s just trying harder.

Now I’ve had the idea of titling my posts after the date in which I write them, and keep an actual sort of diary here. I know, it’s not a new idea at all, that’s essentially what a blog is, but up to now I had thought about this blog as more of a collection of ideas and random occurrences than an actual diary in this structured sense.


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