And like that, two weeks have passed since I last wrote here. I started four or five posts in the meantime, but none made it out of draft. Work has been busy, so I end up taking work home, and then I run out of time for some things — like writing here.

I was able to get other stuff done this weekend, though, so that was great. I studied ML, paid some bills, played the piano, played games with L. We also cooked a curry and baked a cake. We didn’t leave the flat except for taking out the garbage. The most beautiful weekends sometimes don’t make for very exciting blog posts, perhaps, but that’s alright.

It was a bit weird posting that last thing about GPT-2. It’s probably the thing most closely resembling an article that I’ve written outside of work in many years. Reading it back, I spot so many issues — mainly lack of critical thinking as applied to the possible developments of the field that I mentioned. There’s so many things that could go wrong as the story progresses; both scientifically (dead ends) or ethically. But it was lots of fun writing the piece as it is. I could make a hobby of writing this kind of thing; I think as I study more ML I should be able to write more interesting things about the subject, hopefully addressing the pitfalls in my writing I mentioned (and others I’ve yet to find) as I go. I sort of am looking forward to that.

I think I should be “done” with my 50000 feet introduction to ML in a few weeks, and be able to move on to a 10000 feet review of some of the more interesting or promising subtopics I have spotted. Natural Language Processing could be one of them.


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