Idea for Chrome extension

I sometimes go on internet reading binges in which I branch out into what end up being hundreds of tabs. As I mentioned earlier, I have a sort of Wikipedia addiction, which doesn’t help.

I’d like to have a Chrome extension that lets me analyze my browsing history and get insights about it; perhaps even suggested reading based on the most productive reading patterns detected.

As an example data point, I’ve just followed the following path in browsing, starting with a link to Wikipedia in Hacker News:

Kuleshow Effect -> Uncanny Valley -> Mirror Neuron -> Common Coding Theory

This is a representative example of a short but interesting (to me) reading session; exposing other similar reading flows to me would be useful. I guess my writing about this flow here is a very basic, relatively low tech version of sharing this flow with the world; it would be interesting if millions of people would voluntarily do this, in a lower effort kind of way (like installing an extension and whitelisting some sites that one reads through thoroughly). Google, Microsoft and Mozilla probably have a good chunk of this information already through their browsers (not sure, I don’t know what their default settings all are), but as far as I can tell it doesn’t get exposed to the world except through things like Google’s ranking algorithm and search autosuggest.


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