Strange Finger

PKD generated this, IIRC as a failed prompt (I gave it a prompt and it seemed to ignore it). I liked it enough to post it.

I might do this from time to time, and use the tag ghostwritten for such texts. This one has been edited lightly; I tried not to go too far and remove all the weirdness in it which I think is partly what makes it special/funny/whatever.

A strange hand. The hand was held in a neat, smooth position.

A strange finger.

I pulled up the lid. The hand was gone. I removed it. I opened the door.

The cellar was dark. A soft autumn morning fell on all sides.

I stopped at the door.

I heard the door open. I pushed the door into place. The cellar was silent. The door closed behind it.

I could hear a faint groan. I put the hand in the door lock.

The door opened in a sudden burst of wind. A soft wind blew in from the sky, blowing gently over the gardens.

How’s it going?” I asked.

Pretty good.”


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