What is Flancia in 2020?

Lots has happened since I last wrote here. I continue to try to advance the principles of the Agora, as I can. I continue to have a day job; the day job has been particularly busy due to Covid-19; the product I help maintain at work was affected particularly by it, and I worked long and hard in the last four to six weeks.

Nevertheless, I also found the time to think a lot. I’m lucky in that, even while working hard, I have time and energy to think; at least on the weekends.

Flancia in 2020 must be about our weekends, and about quarantine: about what we can do together in this special time and place.

These are my goals for 2020:

  • To advance the goals of the Agora with whatever pieces I can find and muster. If you read this and you don’t know what the Agora is, don’t worry; just take it to mean something that I care about and that I consider a positive contribution.
  • To do good by others; to help people. For the time being my commitment is to try to donate monthly at least 20% of my disposable income.

It’s not much of a plan; it’s simple enough that I can tell you most about it in a short post like this. I came up with this by thinking on the weekends; and, of course, by living a privileged life that allows me to be in the position to do so.

Leaving distances aside for a minute, what is your plan for 2020?


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